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Xantusia…Here We Come!!

imageSo it was the 1st of November and we were flying off to Los Angeles post Halloween Saturday night antics!!

Ben & I had a fantastic trip planned to go out and train under the worlds number bike fitting guru, that was Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch.Com

We were heading north of LA up into the mountains to place called Xantusia to spend a week with Dan and several other campers all there to attain the holy grail of bike fitting qualifications which was the F.I.S.T (Fitting Institute of Slow Twitch) certification.

Now let’s get this bad joke out the way … A lot of my English friends (including my brother & sister) all laughed when I said I was off to the remote mountains to spend a week with some other Cowboys and I’d come back a prossional fully fledged!!! 😉

I’m not sure what they were on about!!??? 😉